Friday, 2 February 2007

White Rabbits

Moored near Lock 67 Apsley

Welcome to the 1st February. Today has been another beautiful fine day and warm temperatures. While waiting for the dampness on the boat to dry I went to see Maffi ( n/b Milly M) and took my hammer with me as he wanted some nails extracting from a piece of timber. This took all of 60 seconds and then we spent the next half an hour chatting over a coffee. Life on the cut is like that.
Once the boat was dry it was full speed with the paint brush to make the most of the weather. I have completed the first top coat on all area’s I am working on, so if the weather is good again tomorrow I will have everything finished in time for the cratch and stern covers being fitted. I should mention here that I would probably have finished sooner than I did but working on the boat alongside a very busy and well used tow path attracts a lot of gongoozlers that want to stop and chat. I suppose flying a NZ`silver fern flag off the stern doesn’t help either.
Dot has been busy making the new roller blinds and they are now ready to be fitted to the rollers. She has one other project that needs altering which will get sorted tomorrow. All in all another very productive day.
After refueling on Tuesday I topped up the diesel tank to see how much we had used in nearly 2 days. With the engine and central heating both in use we are using about 5 litres a day. This will decrease once the warmer weather arrives.

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