Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Market Day

Leighton Buzzard
Total of 145 locks and 106 miles since 5th Nov 2006

After a morning of trying to re-wire the front cabin lights and finding obstacles every step of the way I decided to call it quits for a while and walk into town.

As luck would have it, today was market day and the High St was lined on both sides with stalls. The town is very similar to St Albans in its layout. At the top of the road was the old fire station with what you might call the town cross or memorial.
The station building is now used to store all the market stalls etc.

We found a W H Smiths and purchased our usual copy of Canal boat and Inland Waterways and Dot spotted the Canals and Rivers magazine with a Fens Waterways 2007 pull out. As we are heading that way and have no books or guides for the area we thought it would be useful. It turns out that it is packed with all sorts of info that we are likely to need.

Upon our return to the boat we found the local goose standing by the boat and we wondered what he was doing.

It transpired he was either admiring himself in the reflection in the paint work or he was stupid enough to think he had found a new play mate. Every time somebody walked past he would run at them with his head down and peck their shoes. Perhaps he was trying to protect his new found friend.

Anybody know a good goose psychiatrist?

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