Sunday, 4 February 2007

Sunshine and lots of it.

2 Locks / 1 mile

After a fairly heavy overnight frost we awoke to another beautiful day with clear blue skies and sunshine. This precluded any work being done outside the boat for quite some time until the frost thawed and the boat dried. Unfortunately the boat didn’t dry until quite late so any idea of painting again went out the window.
Yesterday we did a trip down to the marina for a pump out and refill the water tank which must have been close to empty as it took for ever to fill. As there is nobody moving around on the canal at present we were lucky enough to return to our original mooring.
As we are going to leave Apsley on the 12th we had a brainstorming session on what we needed to purchase while we are moored very close to the shops. We decided on buying some vinyl (lino) as Carpet Right warehouse is in the local complex. We will put this in the kitchen, bathroom and both entranceways as it will be easier to keep clean. The salesman cut it in such a way that we have 2 small rolls which if I don’t get the time to deal with it immediately they can be stored in the front locker on top of the water tank.
Now there is an event taking place in NZ that we would have liked to have been part of but that was not to be so


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