Saturday, 10 February 2007

Like threading a needle.

Moored near Lock 67 at Apsley

The cratch windows are now in place and look good. Our own little conservatory, which gets quite warm even with just a little winter sunshine.
The next job is moving the headlight and horn which means a re-wiring job. The holes in the bulk head where the old horn was fitted have been enlarged to take extra cabling and coax for the aerial. Of course Murphy’s Law has to come into the equation in that the internal holes don’t line up with the external holes. This is where I have to feed curtain wire (stiff but flexible) into the hole and Dot has to try and grab the end of the wire as it goes past the internal hole. Not easy when you are head down, bum up in a cupboard or trying to grab the wire under the gunnels where there is just enough room for your hand and you cannot see what you are doing.
Of course once the curtain wire had been fed through, we then had to tape 2 cables or the coax cable to the curtain wire and feed it back from where it came from, without the cables becoming detached from the curtain wire. Lady luck was on our side today as both tasks were successfully completed first time, much to our relief.
The other part of the job required me to get on the bow and get into the gas locker to complete the connections but as it started to snow quite heavily again which then turned to rain this has been put on hold until the weather improves.

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