Friday, 9 February 2007

White out conditions

Moored near Lock 67 at Apsley

The weather forecasts over here are certainly accurate. Yesterday they forecast snow that would arrive about 6am. Well at 5 am it was already a couple of centimeters deep.

When we finally managed to crawl out from under the duvet the snow on the boat was 9 centimeters deep. Needless to say I had to go for a walk and photograph all this virgin snow before people started to disturb it all. Mind you everybody that I saw out in the snow had a camera looking for the best pictures or scenes.

As luck would have it we had made a doctors appointment for today in Hemel Hempstead.
We had checked bus timetables and took a gamble that they would be running.

At the bus stop we spoke to an elderly couple who were trying to get to the hospital. They had seen buses going past while they were waiting for a taxi at home, this didn’t appear so they thought they would try the bus. However a friend saw them as he was passing in his car so he stopped and picked them up. About 25 minutes later there was still no bus but another car pulled up and it was the same gentleman who had picked up the other couple. They had been talking on the way to the hospital and they asked him to go back and pick up the 2 Kiwi’s at the bus stop.

Now that has restored my faith in human nature.

Bless their cotton socks.

On the other hand in the waiting room at the doctors we read a sign which stated “68 patients hadn’t bothered to show up for their appointments in December.”

There was a whole load of other statistics’ which showed how much valuable time was lost in
doctors time and day surgery etc. What is wrong with these people, they complain about the health system and yet they haven’t got the common decency to ring up and cancel the appointment and let somebody else see the doctor.

Come on people wake up and smell the grass. Admittedly today would have been an exception as 3 of the 5 doctors in the surgery couldn’t get to work either but hey it doesn’t snow everyday.

That’s my moan and grizzle for now.

To view more snow pictures taken today look here

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