Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Quiet cruise to Mkt Harboro.

0 Locks 5 miles, now moored on the Market Harborough basin.
Total of 246 locks and 288 miles and 13 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

As we only had a short cruise into Market Harborough we had a slow relaxing start to the day. The only excitement was a motorcycle dumped in the canal by bridge 12. Luckily it was no danger to navigation.
We arrived at the basin just before lunch and we found only 1 berth available on the 48 hour mooring which was right on a water point. We moored up and about an hour later the boat behind left so we moved back away from the water point.
Our visitors, Jim and Jean went with Dot on the bus to the railway station to organise their onward journey to Glasgow. I walked down to the police station to report the motorcycle. I got there at 1pm to find the police station locked with a sign saying the station was closed between 2pm and 2.45pm. Excuse me but have I missed something here?
Just then a policewoman came along and I spoke to her and she let me into the building and said she would find somebody to take the details. After waiting a few minutes a policeman came into the foyer from another office and gruffly said “How did you get in here?” I explained how I got in and told him why I was there. His response was “I suppose I’ll have to give up my lunch break for this.” To which I retorted that I merely wanted to report a possibly stolen motorcycle but if he wasn’t interested so be it. Public servant or what?
After this I strolled into town to do a quick shop at Sainsbury’s for some essentials and then find the others. When I caught up with Jim and Jean they told me that they would be leaving for Glasgow a day earlier than planned because they had managed to get a very cheap bus ticket from National Express but it only runs on Wednesdays. It worked out a fifth of the cost of the train fare so it was too good a deal to let slip.

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