Sunday, 6 May 2007

Basil Brush look alike.

13 Locks 10 miles, 2 tunnels now moored at Braunston.
Total of 269 locks and 3211/2 miles and 16 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

We set off earlier this morning to clear Crick tunnel before the rush started (bank holiday week-end for those that don’t know) and got through without meeting a soul.
Our arrival at Watford flight was not as lucky as there was already 2 going down and 1 coming up so we had a bit of a wait. When we eventually reached the bottom a queue was starting to form. We moored up here for a while and went and had a look at the caravan dealer’s yard next to the bottom lock. We have passed it 4 times without having a look so we thought we had better in case we don’t come back this way again. They had a very well stocked accessory shop where we
bought a few bits and pieces including a new caravan and tow vehicle.

We did have a look at their latest motor home which was on a Renault chassis. It had very nice leather upholstery and swivel chairs. I commented that it was a shame that it only had single wheels on the rear axle which would make it a bit unstable. The salesman told me that they have a new suspension which they also fit to their caravans which makes them very stable. I am not familiar with the make or brand name but anybody interested can check them out on and
When we had seen enough we returned to the boat and headed off for Braunston. It was lunchtime by the time we reached the Braunston tunnel and thought that like last time we traversed the tunnel at this time of day it would be quiet. Fat chance, we knew there was 1 boat in the tunnel as we ventured into the darkness but by the time we reached the other end we passed 6 boats and lost a bit more paint on the brickwork. Ho hum such is life.

Going down the Braunston flight we did the first couple solo but then got held up because 2 boats coming up didn’t apply the golden rule of giving way if the lock was set against you. They emptied the lock just as we got there and Dot had a few words to say to them about that. By the time they cleared the lock another boat had caught up with us so we completed the flight in tandem.
We cruised on to a mooring between the bridge and the visitor’s entrance to the marina as these were the only moorings available. Within about an hour there wasn’t a mooring left and by this time there was a boat passing our window about every 10 - 15 minutes.

While sitting in the boat having a coffee we were looking at a moorhen sitting on her nest opposite, just then we spotted a fox walking through the bushes just above her but by the time a camera was found it had disappeared. We have been keeping a close watch to see if it shows itself again but no luck so far.

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