Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Holed up.

Moored at Osney lock.
Total of 331 locks, 451½ miles, 16 Tunnels and 8 lift bridges since Nov 2006

Last night was a wild, wet and windy night. Some of the crew slept soundly while somebody, namely me, only cat napped and kept a watch on the river. Before retiring last night we had noticed that the river level had been dropped by the Environmental Agency by about 6 inches but this morning the river had risen by about 9 inches. The lock keeper told us that there had been 49.3mm of rain overnight, not quite 2 inches.
Because of the state of the river we opted to stay put for another day and hopefully conditions will improve overnight.
We are still getting occasional showers but the weather does appear to be improving but as of yet the river shows no sign of abating.
There has been a few boat movements today but not what you would expect for a holiday week-end.

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