Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Mains power.

0 Locks, 1 mile, now moored at Clifton Cruisers.
Total of 272 locks and 334 miles and 16 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

This morning we cruised back to Clifton cruisers to send the Mikuni heater away for servicing and sort something out about servicing the injectors.
An arrangement was made to send the Mikuni by U.P.S couriers at a cost of ₤26.45. Mikuni will ring us when it is ready, approx: 7 – 10 days, so I can give them a return address where ever we may be at the time.
Alan, the engineer had been phoning around to find somebody that could service the injectors A.S.A.P. but it means that we would have no engine for 48 hours. We have now made an arrangement with Clifton Cruisers to moor up in the Clifton Arm which has been partially re-opened by CC themselves for private moorings. We are breasted up against n/b Gemini Dream and on mains power. It will mean that we will run out of hot water but that is minor problem. We will just have to boil the kettle for hot water which is not such a hardship for such a short period of time.

From what I have been able to find out in old documents via the internet the Clifton Arm was originally Clifton Mill Canal. There was a flour mill about a mile or so from the Oxford canal and I believe the Clifton Mill canal had been built to service the mill. The mill was a family run business for three generations and there had been a mill on the site since the 14th century. In 1852 the mill was converted to steam powered so I can see that delivery of coal to the mill would have been a probability by boat. However the coming of the railway would have put pay to the canal as a railway line was built in the same area.

The picture shows a bridge over the canal which is slowly becoming dilapidated. What stories these capping stones could tell by the engraving done by 19th or 20th century lovers.
The canal beyond the bridge is in water albeit shallow and could perhaps become another restoration project.

Alan and I had a few problems getting the injectors out, which makes me think that they may not have been serviced previously as per the service schedule.
When we plugged into the mains power nothing happened so I went and spoke to the electrician in case they had to activate the power supply from the office.

Everything checked out in the office so he came down to where we are moored to check the power supply at the post. He found that the main LCD had tripped out. After resetting it we tried again but it tripped straight away and all I got in the boat was the reverse polarity light flash on and off. He then checked our circuitry which was fine. After a process of elimination he then unplugged another boat and put us on that power point and everything is now working OK. So it turned out that he now has a faulty power outlet which requires his attention. Thank goodness it’s their problem not mine, we have enough to contend with as it is.
Due to the uncertainty of the weather I am reluctant to do any painting so we are having a quiet lazy afternoon being rocked backwards and forwards by a very strong blustery wind. Hopefully this will die down soon.

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