Sunday, 13 May 2007

Windy conditions.

0 Locks, 0 miles, still moored at Brownsover.
Total of 272 locks and 335 miles and 16 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

As we were moored on a 24 hour mooring we decided we had better transfer to the towpath side when a mooring became available.
At the time of changing moorings it was quite blustery and Murphy’s Law prevailed in that the wind was against us making it tricky just crossing the canal.
I wandered into the local shopping complex, first of all to Wickes where I bought some HEP20 fittings to connect the hot water to the washing machine. We are trying out what Sue on n/b No Problem as done as she has an identical washing machine. By introducing hot water into the cold fill only machine it shouldn’t have to heat the water saving power. If it reduces the power draw off sufficiently we may be able to do washing while moored occasionally.
Next on the shopping list was Halfords for engine oil and oil filter. I have the part numbers from Isuzu for filters but of course you have to go to Isuzu dealers for these. I tried to find a cross reference number for another brand of filters to no avail. Luckily the last filter I fitted was a Coopers, I can’t for the life of me remember where that came from, and so with a bit of detective work the sales assistant was able to cross reference that to a Halfords number. So if you have an Isuzu engine especially the 4LC1 1800 a Coopers oil filter is a Z1142 or Halfords is a HOP225. Let face it a filter is a filter and its going to do the same job doesn’t matter what name is on the side especially if you service your engine regularly.
After Dot had a fleeting chat with Mike and Liz on n/b Snecklifter the other day we have now been in contact and an arrangement has been made to meet up in Braunston on Monday or Tuesday. We are looking forward to this after following them via internet for 6 years.

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