Tuesday, 22 May 2007


2 Locks, 5½ miles, now moored at Eynsham lock.
Total of 311 locks and 406½ miles and 16 Tunnels and 6 lift bridges since 5th Nov 2006

Last night we walked into Oxford before it got dark to get the lay of the land. For a Sunday night the place was buzzing with pubs, night clubs and restaurants in full swing. The one thing that was very obvious was all the young people and all the different languages. Oxford not only has a university but many other learning establishments as well.
After a peaceful night we were back off into town for a look see and we got back to the boat in time for Dot to go and meet our NZMCA guests (Wilma & Bunty) at the railway station while I waited at the boat for the Tesco delivery man. While I was waiting I got talking to an elderly couple in the house opposite the boat. The lady told me that she had been born in the house as had her sister. She has never lived any where else in her life. Her parents must have rented the house because she told me that when she bought the house it cost her the grand sum of £800.00. Just recently a smaller house just along the street sold for £385.000, a sign of the times. I also spoke to their neighbour who was a very attractive young Polish lady who visited NZ quite recently.

By the time Dot had returned the Tesco man still had not arrived so we decided to have lunch. That man Murphy intervened again, just as we had sat down for lunch the Tesco man arrived. After stowing the goodies we finished lunch and then moved about 200 yards to diesel up from n/b Dusty who was just waiting for a delivery from Calor gas before setting off up the Oxford canal again.
When we arrived at Eynsham lock (with the lovely manicure gardens) we did a self pump out (£6) and the lock keeper said we could moor overnight at the end of the lock approach jetty.

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