Monday, 28 May 2007

Ain’t been Anywhere.

Moored below Osney lock on the River Thames.
Total of 331 locks, 451½ miles, 16 Tunnels and 8 lift bridges since Nov 2006

As we are well placed to reach Reading by next week-end and the weather forecast for today was wet and windy we opted to stay put for the day.
We have been playing cards for most of the day and having a great time as none of us have played cards for some time.
We have been watching the cruisers and hire boats moving up and down the river and one small runabout with 5 or 6 guys dressed in bathrobes and dressing gowns went up river and through the lock. We suspect they might have been to the pub because when they came back down through the lock several hours later one of the men was standing on the bow and just as the boat came out of the lock he fell off the boat and was hanging from the safety rail around the bow. From where we are moored we could see them trying to manouvre the boat around and one of the other men came out to try and pull him back on the boat without success. They eventually maneuvered the boat over to the landing next to the lock where he managed to pull himself out. At the time it was raining quite heavily and was cold so I bet he wasn’t feeling too warm after his dunking.
Other than this little bit of excitement it has been a quiet day. The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow or Tuesday so hopefully we will move down to Abingdon.Talking about Abingdon the air show had to be cancelled today due to rain and low cloud which was a shame for those that had paid to go and see it but safety must come first.
At present the rain has eased but the wind is getting quite gusty so it might be a bumpy night.

Oxford Council Buildings with Oxford Castle tower in the background

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