Sunday, 6 May 2007

Total contrast

0 Locks 15 miles, 1 tunnel now moored at Crick.
Total of 256 locks and 3111/2 miles and 14 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

What a total contrast of weather. It was back to winter woolies this morning as we set off. We had hoped that as the day wore on the weather would improve like it did yesterday but alas it was not too be. We got all of our washing up to date while cruising so when we reached Yelvertoft we stopped for water and a quick trip down to the local store. What a character the shop keeper turned out to be, not only is he the local postmaster, but grocer, baker, and greengrocer all rolled into 1.He also had a wicked sense of humour which keeps the locals amused and coming back for more. From what I saw of the village it still has that old world feel about. Even the old village water pump still has pride of place.
Because of the weather we decided that it was not worth mooring up early because we would not be able to do any painting or cleaning. Instead we motored on to Crick where we are nicely placed to go through the tunnel first thing in the morning hopefully before boats start moving for the long week-end.

Along the way we saw 2 herons and numerous broods of Moorhen chicks which are recently hatched. They look like little balls of fluff at this age but are very good at disappearing into the reeds especially when there is camera pointed in their direction.

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