Saturday, 12 May 2007

We are operational.

0 Locks, 1 mile, now moored at Brownsover.
Total of 272 locks and 335 miles and 16 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Good news greeted us this morning. Firstly Mikuni Heating rang to say that our heater had been serviced and was repaired. One pipe had to be welded and another tube replaced and with a complete new set of seals and gaskets it’s all set for next winter perish the thought. Apparently they bench test the heater for 3 hours before returning it. They will send it back this afternoon and we should get it at Clifton cruisers on Monday. Fingers crossed.
The second good news was that the parts had arrived from Isuzu and the engineer fitted them straight away. So after lunch we watered up, settled the account and returned to Brownsover so that we can replenish the larder.

Because we have been unable to charge the batteries we have been very sparing with the power ensuring that the fridge kept working. Before we restarted the engine the volt meter was still showing over 12 volt so the batteries have held up well.
We are both looking forward to a good hot shower as well tonight.
Sure sign its Friday because the hire boats have been going past in their droves and there is not a spare mooring to be had around here.
As a foot note we would like to thank Paul and his team at Clifton Cruisers for their help and hospitality. These people know what customer service is all about.

Photo shows an old village water pump spotted in Braunston last weekend

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