Friday, 11 May 2007

Awaiting parts.

0 Locks, 0 miles, still moored at Clifton Cruisers.
Total of 272 locks and 334 miles and 16 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

This morning our injectors arrived back at Clifton Cruisers but we are also waiting for a return fuel pipe from Isuzu because this broke due to the injectors being hard to extract. So another day of idleness due to the inclement weather again. It’s frustrating seeing all the boats cruising past when we cannot even move a foot. Perhaps I should buy a horse and tow the boat just like my forebears did.
One job that did get done was clean the air filter for the Mikuni unit so that when we get that back it’s all set to re-install.
While I was busy in the engine hole I heard Dot talking to somebody who it turns out were Mike and Liz on n/b Snecklifter. We knew they were heading in our direction and we had been keeping a watch out for them. Unfortunately Mike was on a mission and unable to stop however we will try again to meet up for a coffee or something stronger in Braunston.

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