Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Heading North.

5 Locks, 14 Miles, Now moored near Cholsey.
538 locks, 651½ miles, 18 Tunnels, 37 swing bridges and 10 lift bridges since Nov 2006

After steady overnight rain it was still raining when we arose this morning. While Dot went with Tracey to catch the train to work I said our farewells to Christina and Derek on Kalimera. Hopefully we will meet up with them some where up North in the not too distant future. By the time Dot had returned to the boat the sun was making an effort to break through. We did a last minute shop at Tesco’s for any worthwhile specials as there is not much in the way of supermarkets between Reading and Oxford.
Due to the long range weather forecast being changed to rain for most of this week we decided to it might be wise to make a move Northwards as we don’t want to get caught on the Thames if it floods again.
By about 3pm dirty black clouds started to appear on the horizon so we found a spot to moor up in case the rain started. Wouldn’t you just know it; we had only been moored long enough to make a cuppa when the clouds cleared away with the help of a strong wind and the sun re-appeared with a clear blue sky.

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