Monday, 30 July 2007

Maintenance day.

Still moored above Osney lock. (maybe for some time)

We had nothing special planned for today except Peter, Pam, and Dot wanted to visit the Ashmolean which is a museum and art gallery.
As I don’t find this sort of museum particularly interesting and I had jobs to do on the boat such as checking batteries, diesel, greasing rudder and generally checking out the engine I stayed behind.
The only other problem we have being stuck here is the emptying the toilet. We have a pump out toilet and we cannot get anywhere near a pump out facility.
This morning I went for a walk around the industrial estate to see if I could find some containers in any rubbish skips that might be around. I struck lucky when I found a skip by a printing works which had plenty of 15 litre containers with clip on lids. I borrowed 2 (they can have them back if they want them) together with the spare cassette to pump the holding tank out into and then take them round to the Elsan at the marina closeby. This will not empty the holding tank but will lower the level and we will have another go next weekend if still here. Luckily we have a self pump out kit that we can pump the tank out with. Not the sweetest of chores but one that must be done.

The saga of the pigeons intensifies. Two white chicks and the 2 adults feeding them are normal grey/blue colour. However tonight we saw daddy pigeon with this all white adult presumably female on the ledge above the hole with the chicks. A little bit of hanky panky me thinks or do pigeons look after other birds chicks.

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