Friday, 27 July 2007

Sunshine Hooray.

After another peaceful night we awoke to sunshine, blue skies and a stiff breeze. Hopefully this will help to dry the land out and get rid of surface flooding. South St is now passable with water just laying in the gutters. The fire brigade is busy pumping water out of storm water drains straight into the river.
The overall river level hasn’t dropped as much as we would have hoped overnight but it is dropping. People are still passing by here on the way to work wearing their wellies (gumboots) but by tomorrow they should be able to revert to wearing shoes again.
We are still getting messages of support and concern from various sources. One in particular from our caravan club friends in NZ Peter and Elaine McCawe who was more concerned about our liquor supplies than water supplies. It’s OK Peter, both pubs have been accessible throughout the whole ordeal.
Another text message just received from n/b Aotearoa to say that they are unlikely to be able to move for about 2 weeks and they will have to travel south to the Grand Union junction at Brentford. Reason being that Culham lock on the Thames is rumoured to be have been damaged and could be out of action for 4 weeks.

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MortimerBones said...

here is a picture of culham locks new water feature: