Monday, 9 July 2007

Pullman train.

Still moored at Kintbury.
504 locks, 613½ miles, 18 Tunnels, 28 swing bridges and 9 lift bridges since Nov 2006

Today has turned out to be a glorious summer day. I have even managed to get a bit more painting done on the roof after about a 3 week lapse due to poor weather.
The other Derek has a problem with battery charging which we have be
en trying to resolve. After checking everything out we have come to the conclusion that the new alternator that has only been on the boat since April has a fault as it is charging at 13v but only has a 5amp output so we will have to find a sparky in Newbury tomorrow. Luckily it is under warranty.
As we are right beside the railway line I have got into the habit of a quick glance every time I hear a train going past. This afternoon I got the shock of a lifetime when I looked up to see a full rake of resplendent Pullman carriages complete with table lamps on every table go past behind an early model diesel loco. Of course it was too late to grab a camera but the memory will last a lifetime.
This morning we had 3 local boys trying to do some fishing but unfortunately they need some guidance from somebody because after they left I recovered 2 floats from the water. I had a look around the site that they had been fishing from to make sure they had not left anything behind that might be dangerous to birds or children. I found some nylon line tied to a mooring ring and when I pulled it in I found this freshwater crayfish firmly ensnared including the hook in his shell. He is now safely back where he belongs.

Here at Kintbury, BW has built a toilet block for boaters which are normally opened with a BW key. However when we last visited this place the local vandals had visited and made a hell of a mess. There was a BW man here on that occasion who told us that it has happened before but he would get it sorted out.
When we went to use the facilities yesterday we found the men’s and paraplegic toilets locked with non BW locks and the women’s open and vandalized. Today the women’s was locked but the door on the men’s had been kicked in breaking the lock and rubbish all over the floor. We thought this was a lovely village but there is obviously some bored persons around here that have got nothing better to do than be a nuisance. To these MORONS I say thanks for nothing guys, get a life.

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