Wednesday, 25 July 2007

It’s still rising.

Nine pm and it’s all on around here. Police are advising boaters to abandon ship but we along with the other boaters are all determined to remain aboard to look after our boats and property. They have now sandbagged all along the side of the boats but I’m not sure what good that will do. There is plenty of low lying land around here that will succumb to the water long before we are going to be in any serious trouble. The water is going to have to rise by over 2 feet before any major headaches arise and that won’t happen instantly.

We have had offers from local residents if we have to leave the boat but by then their problems will be far greater than ours.

South Street is now starting to flood with water coming up through the storm water drains.

We have had a visit from the narrowboaters on the bottom end of the Oxford who were concerned about our well being and they have also offered assistance if required.

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Unknown said...

Hello you two, We are still watching you, and fingers crossed the water will go down soon. many many eyes are on you, Snecklifter is ok now, but concerned for you, and all the boaters that are in danger, through the floods, our thoughts are with you 24/7. take care.

Best wishes Pat & Mike. ( ex Hyperion)