Thursday, 5 July 2007

Summer, that’s a joke!

1 Lock, 14 Miles, 2 Swing bridges. Now moored at Wootton Rivers.
480 locks, 600 miles, 17 Tunnels, 28 swing bridges and 9 lift bridges since Nov 2006

Monday morning, first task of the day was to water up at the wharf opposite our mooring. The problem was everybody else had the same idea so there was a queue for the sole tap which had a very low pressure. This meant that it took for ever so we only filled our tank for about 30 minutes which would give us enough for at least 2 days.

The weather man had forecast light showers and the sky was indeed overcast but that’s not how it turned out. Along the way we had a least 2 heavy downpours which made it difficult to see where we were going. We did get the odd burst of sunlight which was great but the showers never stopped until we moored up for the day.
We had about 2 hours after we moored where it was warm and occasionally sunny but the rain has now returned and its now raining quite steadily.
Due to the weather there was not much to see along the way but we did see 2 Jays in 2 different locations. Their plumage was beautiful and colourful.

I forgot to mention yesterday that while doing a bit of fishing off the back of the boat a couple stopped to chat having recognized our NZ flag on the rudder arm. They turned out to be David and Kay Bowie from Morrison’s Bush, Greytown NZ. They are long time members of the NZMCA and are over her for 3 months travelling around in a motorhome.
There was also another narrowboat with the name Kereru which any Kiwi knows is a NZ native bird. I spoke to the owner, Simon who told me that they had only been on the boat for 5 weeks. They are here for 6 months and plan to store the boat in the Midlands when they go home for the NZ summer(s).

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