Sunday, 13 January 2008

All legitimate again.

Still moored at Stowehill bridge no 26 at Weedon

We are now displaying our 2008 Gold Licence, only 12 days late, not too bad considering we are surrounded by boats displaying their old 2007 Gold Licences.  Seems like British Waterways appear to still be behind the eight ball.

We made the most of a fine sunny day by walking into Weedon  to collect some mail at the Post Office which had been sent Post Restante from Tracey in Wimbledon. Luckily the weather had improved so although cold it was sunny. Even if this is only temporary respite according to the weather forecast, and as I write this it is starting to rain again. 

From the village we walked up to the main road to catch the Daventry Dart  D1 or D2 bus into Daventry to collect our prescriptions from Boots and any other shopping we needed which we did at the Aldi supermarket just for a change.

Last night I thought I had better check the engine hours and found that time has caught up with me again as the engine was over the 250 hours recommendation. This afternoon I took advantage of the fine weather and got down the engine hole and changed the oil and filter. The air and fuel filters are OK for the time being.

Looks like John and Fiona are getting bored, having to make up new games.  Don't interrupt the children at play.  Me thinks they need to start cruising more to keep them busy.

877 locks, 1195 miles, 34 Tunnels, 40 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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