Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Not Floods again!

Still moored at Stowehill bridge no 26 at Weedon

Things are not looking too good for anybody planning on visiting the rivers Severn or Thames by boat with flooding in Tewkesbury again. It was severe flooding in this area that stranded us in Oxford for 3 weeks last summer. We are a lot safer this time round on the canal and not the river. At least this is the right time of the year for heavy rain but you cannot help feel sorry for some of the home owners who have been flooded out numerous times in the past year. I see that the river Cherwell is causing problems on the Oxford canal as well as flooding out on the Fens where we hope to visit in about three months time.

Progress in the bathroom has been good today with it all being sanded down and the first coat of varnish applied. If all goes according to plan I will have everything back in place and up and running by Thursday night.


MAN AT WORK- not the prettiest of sights

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