Friday, 18 January 2008

Diagnosis correct.

Still moored at Stowehill bridge no 26 at Weedon

As good as their word the guys from Leisure Boating Services rang to say that they were on the way and an hour later they were in the engine hole. After giving them the run down on the history of the unit and it's current problem they set about removing the glow plug which was badly distorted. They then had a clean up around the plug boss and fitted the new glow plug.

Crunch time, will it or won't it, OK switch it on. Primary pump starts up ok, 20 seconds later and away it went. A bit of heavy smoke as surplus fuel in the chamber burnt off but after that it was music to our ears as the heater started to do what it's supposed to do. Once winter is over we will get the unit fully serviced again ready for next winter.

The varnishing in the bathroom is now finished so once dry I will have to silicone seal around the edge of the bath and put up all the fittings again. Back to normality.

It is with some sadness that we have just read that N/b Snecklifter is up for sale. Mike and Liz have realised their dream of touring the country in the slow lane for 4 years which extended out to 5 1/2 years but now they have decided that it's time to return to terra firma. We have been following their website since the beginning and gained a great deal of information from them prior to beginning our own narrowboat adventure last year. Hopefully we will meet up with them again when we get up in the Derbyshire area. In the meantime we wish them well for their forthcoming change in life's great adventure.

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