Saturday, 12 January 2008

Rain and lots of it.

Still moored at Stowehill bridge no 26 at Weedon

Today was a stay indoors day because of the persistent rain We were going to catch the bus to Daventry but we will leave that until tomorrow when the weather is supposed to improve. We have had a quiet day reading, cross stitching and sewing.

The book about the Northamptonshire railways I mentioned the other day is a real gem. It not only covers the history of  Northamptonshire but all the small companies that gradually combined leading up to the big 4 amalgamation in 1923.  It was also interesting to learn that Tom (LTC) Rolt was a railway historian as well as a canal stalwart for which he is usually associated. 

Looks like BW have got their stoppage alerts sorted at long last if the two notifications we received today are anything to go by.

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