Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Its Gone!!!

0 locks and 4 miles. Now moored below Buckby Locks

After having had a great week-end in Peterborough with Derek's relatives it was time to move on before we get stuck with lock closures. We had done another Tesco order which duly arrived this morning on time. After this we moved up to the water point to fill up and start the washing machine so that it was part way through it's cycle before we finished filling the tank.

Arriving at Whilton Marina we noticed something missing, it was there a year ago according to Granny Buttons, and we photographed it here and Les saw it here on the 16th January this year.  No sign of it at all now, so it has been lifted in the last few days.

It was great cruising weather for this time of year and we passed another couple of boats on the move. We spotted a kingfisher which we managed to get reasonably close to until the camera came out and then we couldn't get within a 100 yards before he took off. Typical!

We are now moored near the Whilton marina entrance which is not the best of moorings due to the noise as we are between a motorway and the railway but it is only for 1 night. We have visited the chandlery and bought a few bits and pieces for ongoing improvements. We also visited Bedazzled for some more LED light fittings to help reduce the power load. The last lights we bought had 21 LED's  the latest model only has 6 LED's and is significantly brighter. They also come with a modification of a self resetting fuse and a little gizmo to wire in line to protect the light against power surges. Another improvement is that they fit straight into the old halogen lamps without having to remove the reflector.

877 locks, 1195 miles, 34 Tunnels, 40 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


BigJohn said...

Hi Derek and Dot

Will be interested to know how you get on with the new LEDs. Coincidentally I was looking at their web site yesterday.



Erin said...

Strange request, but do you have any photos of the lamps, we have halogen spots that get extremely hot, and I wanted to replace with LED;s but was unsure how to do it as it can get expensive if you get it wrong