Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Service day

Still moored at Braunston

Our plans to leave here today were thwarted due to unforeseen circumstances. Among the LED's we purchased from Bedazzled a couple of days ago we found 1 that was faulty. As they come with a 12 month guarantee Richard was only to happy to replace it but we had to wait for him to deliver it to us at our mooring. By the time he arrived it was getting too late in the day to move so we will leave here tomorrow.

The time wasn't wasted though as I checked all the battery water levels, put our reserve diesel supply into the main tank and modified the wiring on the bilge pump which I replaced a couple of months ago. The original pump was only a manual model which had to be switched on and off but the new one is an automatic model with a manual override which required an extra positive cable. I have now run another positive cable from the control panel to the pump so it is now fully operational.

This afternoon I witnessed the arrival of a narrow boat by road at the marina. The transporter had the road blocked off for about 5 minutes while the driver reversed the unit into the yard and the crane arrived at the same time so it only took them about 20 minutes to off load the boat and have it back in the water. All very efficient.


The transporter and crane on the right of photo with Vulcan in the foreground.


The longest job was organising the crane. and preparing to lift, lift.


Up and over she goes. and back in the water behind 2 boats on an angle.

890 locks, 12 00 ½ miles, 35 Tunnels, 40 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Adam said...

Hi Derek and Dot

I see what look like a few OwnerShips boats in your photos of the marina. Debdale is due to be there for winter maintenance at the moment, so if you see her give her a wave!


Derek and Dot said...

H Adam
Yes Debdale is safely moored up outside the Marina entrance at present

Dot and Derek