Friday, 25 January 2008

Change of plans

Still moored at Norton Junction

Circumstances beyond our control as the old adage goes bought about a plan change for both us and Chas and Ann on Moore 2 Life. Chas's plan was to move up to the water point and then reverse back to the junction to go up the Leicester Line, a distance of about 500 yards but with a strong wind and no bow thruster he thought better of it and hope for better conditions tomorrow.

We had planned to leave here today but with it being a fine but windy day we decided to stay another day so that we could have  look around the area. This afternoon I made a start on fitting the new LED lights and found a problem that did not arise when I fitted the 21 LED version. Admittedly when I bought the first LED's there was no recommendation to protect them with a fuse and diode. Fitting the new LED's with the fuse and diode meant that the LED's couldn't be mixed with the old halogens as the fuse just tripped out. So we have decided to change all banks of light's to LED's  which meant a phone call to Richard at Bedazzled to order some more LED's which he will deliver tomorrow after work. So we will stay here until Saturday until we have received the new lights, still this shouldn't be a problem as there are no boats on the move around here now.

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OK - should have waited and read Jan 24th for my answer.