Saturday, 26 January 2008

Au Revoir Ann & Chas.

Still moored at Norton Junction

The order for the day was another fine but cool and breezy day for Chas and Ann to set off up the Leicester line and Foxton.

We just spent the day doing odd jobs and catching up on photo editing and programme changes on the computer. This evening Richard from Bedazzled delivered some more LED's but they will have to wait until we arrive in Rugby as I need a few more electrical fittings to do the job properly and tidily.

I have now finished the Northampton Railways book and it's interesting that the author notes that over the last 5 years some of the dis-used lines have been re-opened and that one way for this country to reduce its green house gas emissions is to expand and improve the "Green and environmentally friendly" railways. In hind sight he notes that the Beeching cuts back in the 1960's were too severe leading to the traffic congestion of modern times.


Chas and Ann ready for off.

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