Monday, 28 January 2008

Sunny Braunston

Still moored at Braunston


Gypsy Rover moored at Braunston

We have enjoyed a fine, quiet week-end here at Braunston. Today there has been a lot of movements with boats coming and going from the marina on short day trips probably due to the lovely weather.

I have now completed the light change over from halogen to LED's and fitted the diode's across the lighting circuits trip fuses to protect against spikes or power surges. There is certainly a marked decrease in power consumption on the amp meter so this should save us some diesel with not having to run the engine for so long to recharge the batteries.

It is sad to hear of yet another boat builder going down the gurgler and leaving clients high and dry and some times out of pocket, in this case N/b Marmaduke. We hope that the situation is not as bad as it seems and John and Cathy get a favourable outcome. Reading through the November issue of Canal Boat it was interesting to note that 2 boat builders,Jonathon Wilson/ Tim Tyler/ LBM consortium and Narrowcraft Ltd offer no stage payments or 10% deposit with final payment on completion. If these guys can do it why can't the others?

IMG_0683 IMG_0682

They grow strange things in Braunston, click on photos to get a better look.

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