Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Allotments make a come back.

In the 29 months we have been travelling around on the Cut we have past many allotments which up until now have been looking a bit sad and unkempt. Just the odd plot here and there being cultivated but recently we have have gone past the same allotments and there seems to be a resurgence in their use. A lot more of these plots have been cleared of weeds and brambles, ploughed or dug over and even a couple of truck loads of manure delivered on site.

Perhaps today’s government need to look at the actions of the government that was in power prior to WW I who encouraged the populace to take on the allotments with grants of seeds and fertiliser to help the country through the war effort. Lets face it, this recession is not much different to the situation back in the early 1900’s and something like this could be a small way to getting the country back on its feet. Some how I don’t think the forth coming G20 talks are going to have the answers that Gordon Brown is looking for.

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