Sunday, 26 April 2009


Upon our arrival here we were given the mooring of E8 which is in the farthest corner of the marina. This was fine with another boat on the opposite side of the pontoon on E7. When we initially moored up we noticed that this boat was on a bit of an angle with its stern about 5 feet from pontoon E6 which would have made it difficult for anybody to use that berth.

During the night we had been hearing some strange noises that we couldn’t find the cause. This morning while out for a constitutional stroll I noticed that that our neighbour was now touching E6. I went and reported this to the marina management and was told that they knew that the pontoon had moved and were waiting for the installers to come and rectify the problem. I told them that it more than moved, it was more like broken loose. With this they agreed to us moving onto another pontoon of which there were 2 options.

Back at the pontoon we found that the boat on E1 would be leaving after lunch so we opted to wait and move onto this pontoon as it was closer to the fixed pontoons and therefore more secure. It would appear that our strange noises had emanated from our hull rubbing on the hawser or chain anchoring the pontoon to the marina bottom which by this stage must have been quite an angle as the pontoon had shifted by a good 7 feet.

Yesterday I was busy replacing the MDF skirting boards which had got wet in places and swollen up with some proper timber versions. Another worthwhile modification completed.

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