Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sounds of the Countryside.

Fradley 017The view from our dinette window. Note the bird feeders in the tree.

This morning I was up early to try my luck with a hook and line which turned out to be a non event as the fish were not biting. The upside to the exercise was sitting out on the stern just listening to the birds. No man made noise of any kind broke the peace and solitude until about 8am. Later on in the morning silence was really shattered when the noise of motorcycles being raced around a trail bike track broke through and the farmers bird scaring machines fired up.  This was to be our background noise until late.afternoon.

As it was a fine day and a suitable mooring I made a start on staining and varnishing the new skirting boards which will replace the water damaged MDF boards fitted by the builder. That’s the easy part done now all I have to do is remove the damaged rubbish and fit the new boards.

Fradley 013One down five to go. Oh my poor back.

As we had suspected, the traffic on the canal was very heavy today with a boat passing by about every 10 – 15 minutes. Surprisingly there wasn’t that many hire boats.

Fradley 014 I deserve a beer after a hard days work.

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life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Derek + Dot. hope you enjoyed Easter! Do you think its a boaty thing that we like to get up early and enjoy our surroundings before the rest of the world kicks in? I, like you love early mornings. it makes you feel like the birds are singing just for you doesn't it? I never tire of throwing the side hatch open first thing, and wallowing in the gorgeousness of it all! it never fails to give me a natural hi. Take care Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.