Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Pie Like No Other.

During one of our morning tea sessions with Mike and Denise on Nb Densie last week we were told to look out for Nightingales Pie shop when we visited Atherstone.

Yesterday while in Atherstone we kept a look out for this establishment and actually walked straight past it because the name over the door said 19 Gales, a play on words (or numbers) if ever there was one. Well we found that it was more like a farmers market with all farm fresh meat, vegetables,eggs, and of course farm house baking of all sorts. As the fridge is fairly full at present we only bought a Steak and Kidney pie for £3.50.

Last night the pie was on the menu with fresh vegetables. Neither of us had ever tasted a pie quite like it. Nice steak, not grisly cheap cuts that most pie makers seem to use and lots of kidney, not just the odd bit here or there. After this, a unanimous decision was made to walk the mile or so back to town to buy some more of these gourmet delights.

This morning the weather forecast was for rain but was far from it as we set off into town. We were uncertain as to whether the 19 Gales shop would be open on Saturday or not but we needn’t have worried because it was and we purchased another Steak and Kidney pie as well as a Chicken and Mushroom pie, hot cross buns and 2 Blueberry and Apple turnovers. That’s the menu sorted for the next couple of days, MMMMM.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

It's a shame you're so far away or I'd be dropping in to help with all those tasty items.

Derek and Dot said...

Sorry Paul the pie was only big enough for 2. I'll get a bigger one next time.