Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Passing Bloggers!

This morning we decided that we would walk into town for some supplies. We had established that the old shopping centre to the west of us only had a Tesco Express but if we walked the other way there was a huge ASDA and Sainsbury’s supermarkets amongst other stores at Ventura Retail Centre. It was a good 20 minutes walk to ASDA and the store is enormous covering 2 floors.

The stores are actually in a retail park with parking for hundreds of cars, no where near the town. It’s no wonder that the High Street’s up and down the country are feeling the pinch. These retail parks are set up purely for the motor car and the convenience of customers.

Yesterday we passed Nb Sanity with Sheila at the helm and today amongst many other boats passing by was Andy and his father on Nb Khayamanzi heading up to the Shroppie. As we are sort of heading that way we will cross paths with them again within the next week. It was good to see you again Andy.

Tamworth 005

View from our galley window this evening


Bruce in Sanity said...

It's only about five minutes from Sutton Road Bridge to Sainsbury's – that's why we usually tie there ratyher than at Peel's Wharf.

All the best


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Bruce
Thanks for that we are there now after discovering that today. We all learn sometime we will know in future.
Regards Dot