Thursday, 9 April 2009

Smell the fragrance?

0 Locks,1 Mile, Now moored at Sutton Rd Bridge.

After manoeuvring across the canal to the water point opposite we took a short cruise up to Sutton Road bridge which appears to be the closest point on the canal to reach Tamworth Castle.

Inside the castle grounds looking back at the main entrance.

The band rotunda which is still used for concerts in front of Tamworth Castle.

Having been through here a couple of times without so much as a sideways glance Dot had found out about Tamworth castle and had put it on the must see list. Another glorious but breezy day made it very enjoyable. We could see the castle as we walked towards the town and it looked quite strange with the high rise apartment blocks towering above the castle.

River Anker below Tamworth Castle. St Editha's Church behind the band rotunda.

As we entered the gardens below the castle they were a blaze of colour. As we got closer the fragrance from the Hyacinths which had been planted among Tulips, Daffodils,Pansies and many other flowers reached our noses it was a reminder that Spring had arrived. It’s just a pity we don’t have smelly vision for you to enjoy the fragrance as well.

Hyacinths and Polyanthus.

The lady's bed chamber which is supposedly haunted by the Black Lady.

We timed our arrival well as the castle only opens at midday. From the outside the castle doesn’t appear that big but it took us a couple of hours to work our way through the various rooms and floors and even went out onto the roof to take in the 360deg view which stretched for miles.

St Editha's Church towering over the town centre.

Out to one side the view over the old town and beyond was great but unfortunately the view on the opposite side was totally marred by all the unattractive barn shape buildings that have gone up housing all the hypermarkets in the Ventura park area. Still I suppose that’s progress for you or is it?

1601 locks, 3401½ miles, 59 Tunnels, 44 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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