Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dodgem Cars, I think not!

The day started with a bang, literally, thunder and lightening woke us up and must have gone on for the best part of an hour. Other than this we have had a quiet day here doing odd jobs and a bit of shopping. The temperature didn’t quite reach the predicted high of 18deg but got close.

This evening just as we were about to have our dinner an old private owner boat came through with an even older skipper at the helm. He wasn’t exactly going slow as he passed us and the next thing I knew was when Dot yelled out “He must be drunk, he has just slammed into the bank and rammed the moored boat ahead of us” I then went up front to see him revving the hell out of the engine trying to reverse back away from the boat he hit.

The next thing was when an elderly lady poked her head out of the cabin of the old boat and was obviously remonstrating with the skipper who appeared to be taking no notice. The skipper of the rammed boat appeared on deck and also had words with no result. The old skipper then carried on and again careered into the bank between the next 2 moored boats. We are not sure if he hit the second boat but he obviously was in no fit state to be in control of a boat. Unfortunately we didn’t see a boat name or his registration number. We have no wish to meet this character again thank you very much.

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