Monday, 6 April 2009

Granny Came a Calling.

This morning saw us sitting out on the towpath again lapping up the sunshine, it’s a hard life this boating lark. The forecasted rain never eventuated which was great. While enjoying the peace and quiet we spotted the 5 Buzzard’s that we had seen 2 days ago. They came circling above us with their plaintive cries but still not low enough to photograph. After about 10 minutes we did a recount and found that they had brought a friend along with them as there were now 6 birds.

Being a fine day and the kids now enjoying another school holiday there were plenty of boats on the move. While having an afternoon cuppa we became aware of a boat alongside us moving very slowly. Upon investigation it turned out to be Andrew Denny on Nb Granny Buttons (at last). We have been following Andrews blog for quite some time so it was nice to finally meet the man behind the pen so to speak. Andrew moored up for a quick visit and a chat which went on for about an hour. Eventually Andrew had to tear himself away so that he could reach Polesworth before nightfall. It was nice to meet you after all this time Andrew, hopefully we may meet again some day.

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