Thursday, 23 April 2009

Faces to Names

0 Locks 1 Mile. Now moored in Great Haywood Marina.

Narrowboat Gypsy Rover in her temporary home for the next two weeks.

Today was the day for us to pull off the cut and tuck ourselves away in the marina. First task of the morning was to drop off our rubbish at the BW facilities and fill the water tank which was badly depleted after the week-end. While here we were approached by the Narrowboater who had called out “Pakeha” a couple of weeks ago at Hopwas. A scotsman who spent 6 months on his honeymoon touring New Zealand in a “Kea” campervan which he subsequently exported back to the UK on his return 12 months ago. Since returning he purchased a narrowboat and is now continuously cruising like us.

While pulling into the marina we were under the watchful eye of Eric and Patsy who are in the process of buying a narrow boat. They have an offer on a boat subject to survey, the latter was being carried out in Great Haywood Marina today. Once moored at the reception area Eric and Patsy came over and spoke to us. It was nice to put names to faces as our only previous communication has been by email.

Derek with Patsy and Eric the new owners of Nb Eezy Duzzit

Once we had been checked in and been given a berth, we moved the boat across to the back of the marina and got ourselves organised. I had already spoken to the 2 Johns in the work shop about getting a couple of jobs done, the first of which was the annual servicing of the Mikuni central heating unit. Luckily John had a genuine Mikuni box which he loaned me for the purpose of sending the unit away. After ringing Mikuni to book the heater in and arranging transport it was a case of down the engine hole and remove the unit which only takes about half an hour. The hardest part is trying to work doubled up in a confined space.

After this we walked over to the marina facilities to see what was what and buy an ice cream at the Farmshop. A short time later we found Eric and Patsy strolling along the towpath walking past another boat with a familiar name. N/b Seyella with Geoff and Mags aboard. This is another boat we have had non visual contact with so it was good to go and introduce ourselves to them and have a bit of a chin wag. Well between 6 of us discussing all sorts of topics an hour soon slipped by so we had to tear ourselves away and say au revoir all round for the time being, but I’m sure we will all meet again somewhere on the cut. Unfortunately for once Dot never had her camera with us so sorry we were unable to photograph the occasion. Never mind we will make it a longer meeting next time.

Back at the marina it was time for Eric and Patsy to find out if they were now the proud owners “Eezy Duzzit”. Happily they were given the green light with the survey coming up trumps. We left them being guided over the boat inch by inch by the surveyor and they joined us for coffee a short while later.

The cut is an amazing place to make friends, meet like minded people and generally enjoy the camaraderie which is akin to the caravan and motorhome fraternity we enjoy in New Zealand. Long may it last.

1610 locks, 3435 ½ miles, 59 Tunnels, 45 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Anonymous said...

Hi D&D,

It's good to hear that you met up with Eric & Patsy, I'm glad they've met up with some fellow bloggers so soon. Got an email from them late last night to let us know the good news.
Looks like Eric's had a new haircut in your photo, the last one I saw of him it was long & in a ponytail!

Great Heywood marina is close to where Dave's sister & his dad both live - about 80 miles from here, which means an hours drive away for us (on a quiet M6 - which is VERY rare - 4 hours has been known)... Just a "tad" longer in a canal boat then, lol.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Heth
Yes a lovely couple we hope to meet up again soon.
Hair! what hair its all shaved off.
Now all we need to do is meet up with you and Dave. One day!
Take care Dot