Sunday, 1 April 2007

1st day British Summer Time.

1 lock, 51/2 miles and 1 Tunnel now moored north of bridge 50.
Total of 175 locks and 1681/2 miles and 3 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Daylight saving. - Sunday 25th saw an improvement in the weather as we left Welford just after lunch. It was basically more of the same rural outlook of rolling hills for about 3 miles. As we approached Husband Bosworth tunnel (1170yards) the scenery changed to a woodland cutting with a towpath that would have tested the ability of a mountain goat. The canal bank along this stretch of canal does not lend itself to good mooring prospects so we pushed on to bridge 50 where we have found good moorings with a very pleasant outlook through the windows.
Along the way I spotted something moving in the lower branches of a overhanging tree and it wasn’t until I was alongside the tree that I realised that it was a Kingfisher who was in the process of tenderising a fish by bashing it on the branch before attempting to eat it.

Tonight we were treated to a vivid red sunset which we photographed to share with our readers.

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