Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Unexpected arrival.

0 Locks 2 miles moored just north of Braunston.
Total of 218 locks and 2251/2 miles and 8 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Our time limit on the 48 hour mooring was up so it was time to go. We waited until about 11a.m. because yesterday a gentleman had shown interest in buying our old inverter but he never eventuated. We had just had a coffee and sticky bun when a boat approached from the direction of the GU/Oxford junction whom we recognized as Milly ‘M’ and Maffi. He stopped and moored behind us and we had a very long chat catching up with all the gossip.
After some considerable time we all decided it was time to go as it was now past 1 pm. Another boat travelling in the same direction as Maffi came passed and Maffi tagged along with them to go up through the Braunston flight. Being a single handed boater it made sense as the flight is double locks and done easier in pairs.
We moved up a short distance to the water point to refill using our newly purchased tap fitting. The fitting went on the tap OK and the snap on fitted the hose reel OK but as soon as I turned the tap on the snap on blew apart. I tried everything to no avail; the only thing for it was to stand there and hold the connection together. Three quarters of an hour later with a cold wet hand, Dot announced that the tank was full and I could let go of the tap.
From here it was another short trip to Midland chandlery where they have their own customer mooring right outside the door. We purchased a couple of new brass cabin hooks to fit on the rear cabin doors because now I have put a little bit of grease on the hinges they swing backwards and forwards quite freely whereas before, they used to stay open without moving. Funny that Eh!
As it was getting late and we got stuck behind a boater who thought 2 mph was quite fast enough, (I kept catching up to him with the motor just on idle) we moored up on the first suitable site we came across which is only a mile or so out of Braunston. Tomorrow hopefully Mr Slow coach will be well out of our way and we can move on.

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