Friday, 6 April 2007

Law of nature

0 Locks, 6 Miles, and now moored at bridge 14 Mkt Harborough
Total of 195 locks and 1891/2 miles and 5 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

After 2 nights at a very pleasant mooring just nor
th of bridge 70 it was time to move on. On the way we called in to Debdale wharf for diesel at 46p per litre.
On our journey north last week we had seen 4 Canadian geese in a farm field however today on passing the same spot we noticed only 3 geese. It wasn’t until we had travelled another 100 yards or so when we spotted grey feathers in several places followed by the grim discovery of the mutilated carcass of goose number 4. It must have fallen prey to a fox or a mink because the carcass had been well and truly stripped clean.
As we were cruising along very slowly we were not stirring up the mud which meant occasionally we saw fish in amongst the reeds including a jack pike looking for his lunch. Even our presence did not seem to worry him.
We stopped at the water point near the Foxton flight before carrying on to our present mooring. We will see what moorings are available nearer the basin in the morning and decide on staying put or moving.
The following two photos were taken alongside the canal between the Foxton Lock flight and Union Wharf at Market Harborough.

Gypsy horses and foals

Beef on the hoof.

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