Sunday, 22 April 2007

Another quiet day.

0 Locks 0 miles still moored at bridge 58 Oxford canal.
Total of 221 locks and 2331/2 miles and 8 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Last night we not only had other boats moored here but a couple of young lads arrived in Elliotts Field Park opposite us and pitched a tent and stayed the night. This morning we were quite impressed with the way they organised themselves with breakfast and breaking camp. They were obviously seasoned campers.
We stuck to the rules today about not moving at week-ends and did some more work on the boat. At 3000 hours on the engine it was time to reset the tappets. Working down the engine hole would be a lot easier for a double jointed midget but the job had to be done. It worked out easier than I had expected except that 1 adjuster nut refused to undo and when it did loosen my finger slid along the very sharp edge of the engine casing causing me to swear and loose some of that vital red stuff in our veins. OUCH.
After this I did a bit more work on the outer back doors in preparing and varnishing various pieces of timber ready for assembly.
While I was doing all this Dot took herself off to town and visited the Saturday market and a few other places. On the way back she checked out the railway station as we have people from New Zealand joining us on Thursday. She returned complaining of sore tired feet. She might work it out one day what causes it.

Market Day in Rugby

Boat movements today have been the busiest we have seen and not just hire boats. There have been many very tidy private owners out and about probably for the first time this year.For the last 2 nights at about 10pm we have had boats go through here travelling north. They had headlights on but that was about all. Tonight’s boat was a bit suspicious as it had no name on it, the 4 man crew were all dressed in dark clothing and they were towing what looked to be a very old wreck of a boat. It made us wonder why they would need to move at this time of night, I’ll leave that up to your own imagination.

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