Saturday, 7 April 2007

Is it a bird?

0 Locks, 1Mile, and now moored at Market Harborough
Total of 195 locks and 1901/2 miles and 5 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

This morning we moved closer to Union Wharf and town. We are back on the 48 hour moorings just outside the basin. Our timing proved to be spot on because since mooring up this morning there has been a steady stream of boats both coming and going leaving only moorings vacated gradually by Tillerman/Canaltime boats in the basin available.
Tillerman/Canaltime boats have been leaving in a steady stream all day and there are now no boats available. Last week Mo on n/b Balmaha and myself commented about these boats and 1 in particular on our blogs. Well today I observed Tillermans procedures when hiring a boat out and I can confirm that the hirer is given a thorough briefing on use of a narrowboat and that every boat that went out today had an instructor aboard for at least the first 15 minutes of the journey out of the basin.
I spoke to one of the instructors on his way back to the basin about our experience with 1 of their boats last week. I gave him a rough outline as to what had taken place and he must have checked up on the outcome of that particular hire because about an hour later I saw him again after taking out yet another boat. He told me that the boat in question had been bought back in a damaged condition and the hirer had been financially penalized for their troubles so it appears that it’s not a case of blaming the hire company but the individual.


Hot Air Balloon

While varnishing a wall unit on the rear deck I saw 2 strange flying objects which I was lucky enough to photograph. See attached photos. The other photo may appear to be a mistake but look between the timber and the top left corner of the concrete block. I feel sure that it was a Wren looking for insects; it even went behind the timber at one point.

Spot the Wren

Talking about looking for insects I forgot to mention yesterday that just on dusk I was sitting quietly on the back deck with Stella Artois and I spotted a bat flying inches above the water hunting for insects. I must have watched him for 15-20 minutes before he disappeared out of sight. Since starting this adventure we have seen many things that the average man in the street will never see in his lifetime, let’s hope it continues.

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