Monday, 23 April 2007

Ancient and modern.

0 Locks 0 miles still moored at bridge 58 Oxford canal.
Total of 221 locks and 2331/2 miles and 8 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

It’s been another lovely warm day here in Rugby. We wandered into town for a bit more of a look
around and on the way spotted 2 convertible cars at both ends of the spectrum.

The old - a baby Austin Convertible

The new - A Mini Cooper Convertible

The first was a circa 1930 baby Austin in very good condition and the second was the latest model BMC Mini Cooper. Quite a difference in 70 odd years of car manufacturing.
While wandering around town we were looking at the brass plaques inset into the pavement commemorating various notable events and players in the game of rugby. We have not succeeded in finding them all but did come across this one for Sean Fitzpatrick.

A New Zealand link with Rugby

Dot had read about the oldest building in Chapel St so when we got there we had a look and it wasn’t too hard to spot plus the accompanying plaque.

The canal has again been a hive of activity with many boats returning to their base moorings and more hire boats presumably doing the “Ring”.
On the subject of the railways around Rugby, a comment was made to me the other day that no matter which road you use to enter or leave Rugby you will pass under or over a railway bridge regardless of being in use or not.
I am very much inclined to agree with that person because wherever we have been there have been anything from single arch bridges to multiple arched viaducts and you don’t have to look far to see one.

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Keith Lodge said...

Good Morning Derek and Dot.
Firstly thank you for adding your comment on Hadar's Diary. I agree Tina is very talented, but shhhhhhh don't tell her until she has finished our boat LOL.
When we first had Misty Lady we spent some time in Rugby and really enjoyed it. Keith used the trains and very good they were too.
I always find the history of places fascinating and where ever we go I want to know its history.
We look forward to seeing you on the cut sometime.
Have a good week.... Jo