Monday, 2 April 2007

Hoorah – We’re back

0 Locks 6 1 /2 Miles. Moored north of bridge 70 Leicester line.
Total of 185 locks and 184 miles and 3 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Yes we have finally got a replacement data card from ‘T’ Mobile and are back online again. One thing that has come out of all this is that ‘T’ Mobile’s data card has a conflict with Blue tooth on Toshiba laptops and we have now downloaded an up date. The computer is still showing the conflict but it does now work so we will see what happens over the next few days.
As we had no reason to stay in Market Harborough we decided to cast off and cruise towards Leicester. It was a beautiful day and we also needed to do some washing.
Not long after we set off we saw a narrowboat moored which as we drew closer we saw the name Balmaha. Unsure as to whether this was the same boat that we have followed on Blogger we moored up and went and spoke to Mo and Vanessa and yes it was the same boat. We then spent the next hour or so chatting about things in general over coffee.

After this unexpected and very pleasant chance meeting we carried on to the bottom of the Foxton flight where we took on water before carrying on to our present mooring.

Overnight mooring in the country.

While catching up with everything on the computer that has taken place over the last few weeks we saw on n/b Balmaha’s blog about an incident with a Canaltime or Tillerman boats as they are now known. This would have taken place about 15 minutes after we had a similar experience with the same boat. The Mucky Duck passed us moored by bridge 14 as if he was a naval vessel on its way to a war zone. Speed, flat out and the all male crew were already well under way with the alcohol only 10 minutes after leaving Union Wharf. If I could have found Canaltimes/Tillermans phone number they would have received a very terse phone call but they don’t appear in any of the canal magazines. I thought these hire boat companies gave the hirer a run down on what’s what before they left. Another disaster just waiting to happen. I just hope we don’t meet them on the return journey to Market Harborough later in the week.

Another glorious sunset tonight.

Sue on N/b No Problem complains today about the Post Office and Post Restante service. We had our replacement data card sent this way from Tracey in London to Market Harborough with no trouble, but perhaps the post office staff need to be reminded it is an advertised service and is part of their job so just get on with it. After all that is what they are paid for isn’t it?

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Tyson said...

Sorry you had problems with a Canaltime boat. I have hired from both Market Harborough and Ellesmere and were given strict instructions about slowing for moored boats, there is even a reminder by the rear doors. Guess some people can't be told.

Tony Dane