Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Now Anzac Day NZ.

0 Locks 1 mile now moored at bridge 58 Oxford canal.
Total of 221 locks and 2381/2 miles and 8 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Another damp start to the day but we cannot complain. We were on the go early this morning as we have found the best way to get to see a doctor around here is to be on the doorstep when the surgery opens. Hopefully we have now got our doctor problem sorted out.
We have only moved to do another load of washing and go to Tesco’s for provisions. Tomorrow we will move again as these moorings are very popular and we don’t want to be seen hogging them as 2 other boats are doing. Neither of them has moved an inch since we first arrived here and one of them is on the 24hr moorings.
Other than a hire boat passing through here flying the Australian flag with a bunch of Aussies aboard there has been nothing else startling to write about.

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John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Hi Derek and Dot,
Anzac day today? have you erver visited Harefield on the GU? They have an Anzac memeorial there.It is a bit of a walk from the canal though!