Friday, 27 April 2007

We’ve got company.

3 Locks 91/2 miles and 1 tunnel,Now moored north of Braunston.
Total of 224 locks and 251 miles and 10 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

We left bridge 44 early this morning to travel back to Rugby to meet our visitors, Jim & Jean from the NZ Motorhome Association, who arrived from New Zealand last night.

Seen on the platform at Rugby Railway Station.

We went to Rugby railway station to meet them and while we waited I had a wander around to see what was left of the original station. Half of the old bay platforms had disappeared due to the overhead gantry upright supports being mounted on the old track beds. There are only 2 main platforms now where I feel certain there used to be more but there is new track work and 2 new platforms being built. One thing that took me by surprise was that there were several men on the end of platform 1 who were train spotting with cameras and note books. Now I thought that this practice had been stopped years ago because you had to buy a penny platform ticket ( I know I’m showing my age here,) to get onto the platforms but here anybody can walk up onto the platforms. Once Jim and Jean arrived we caught a bus back to the boat. When they were settled on board Dot and I did a quick trip to Tesco’s for a few extras.
We eventually left Rugby about 2pm and headed off towards Braunston.
It was Jim and Jeans first experience of locking going up through the Hillmorton Locks which was an enjoyable experience.

We have motored longer than usual today to make up a bit of lost time.

Mustn’t forget birthday wishes to my sister Mary and grandson Reece.
Happy Birthday you two.

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