Sunday, 1 April 2007

Moving again.

7 locks and 41/2 miles, Now moored at Norton Junction.
Total of 166 locks and 146 miles and 1 Tunnel since 5th Nov 2006

On Wednesday 21st we said goodbye to Weedon and started moving north again. The day was sunny but cool and it was as an easy trip up to the Buckby flight. We moored just prior to the 1st lock which is next to Whilton marina where there is a very good chandlery. After visiting the chandlery and picking up a few bits and pieces I went in search of a company called Bedazzled ( ) who specialize in LED lighting. This type of lighting supposedly draws less power than halogen bulbs but gives off the same amount of light. I found the proprietor, Rick to be very helpful and he certainly has a wide variety of products which he is perfecting for boats as opposed to products made for the automotive industry which are not suitable to the higher voltages on boats. We have now bought 4 lights that don’t even register on the amp meter when switched on. We bought the cool white variety as they match the halogen lights we already have on board and I suppose they do give off about the same amount of light but I might get some blue/white lights next time which resemble fluorescent colouring and see how they go.
When we were finally ready to set off up the Buckby flight a boat came out of the marina and the owner asked if we would mind waiting while they did a pump out and took on diesel and then do the locks together. As we were in no hurry and BW request boaters to double up through the flight to save water we agreed. The young couple had only been on a narrowboat once before when they hired a boat and had just purchased their own 65 footer. However they soon got the hang of it and we put the flight behind us in no time at all with the help of a couple of boats heading south and leaving the locks set in our favour.
At the top lock we stopped for water and helped our travelling companions fill their tank as they did not have a hose on board. After this we set off up the Leicester arm of the Grand Union canal for a short way and are now moored opposite Weltonfield marina. We can see the M1 motorway from here but cannot hear it and the main line railway has also veered away to the east so it’s very quiet.
We have now discovered that T-Mobile are unable to replace our datacard at present as they have none in stock, well they also don’t know when they will have one, so in the meantime, no internet, for how long we don’t know.

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