Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Lloyds’ lost their horse?

0 Locks, 6 Miles, and now moored at Bridge 63 Leicester line.
Total of 195 locks and 1961/2 miles and 5 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

Sunday morning and it was time to move as our 48 hours were up so we decided to move up to bridge 14 where we had moored once before. Fat chance, firstly it was Sunday and that means fishermen and secondly they were having a contest which meant wall to wall fishermen.
We eventually moored between bridges 7 and 8 where BW had done some dredging and mooring was easy. While there Dot hung out her bird feeders in the hedgerow and they were frequented by Blue and Great Tits. A chaffinch also took advantage by cleaning up what the Tits dropped on the ground below.
Monday morning and we decided to move down closer to the Foxton flight. Along the way I spotted something strange in the air which Dot managed to photograph and it turned out to be a Helium filled Black Horse balloon and it looked just like Lloyds bank UK or the National bank NZ symbol.
As we passed Foxton Boat services we had to slow right down due to 3 oncoming boats and moored boats breasted up leaving a very narrow passage.
As one boat passed (n/b Thema I think) the lady aboard called out “Hey are you Dot and Derek, I read your blog.” What a surprise, if the lady in question would like to contact us and confirm the name of her boat we will correct any errors.

Just past the Foxton flight we moored up for water and then moved forward to clear the water point for others as there are a lot of boats moving around this afternoon. We have also seen our first ducklings of the year. Two ducks have been seen with 30 ducklings between them in close proximity and the ducklings keep getting mixed up causing the female duck big hassles. We understand from a local that the ducklings only hatched out a few days ago

The above photo is one of many fields full of yellow blossom.
We are not sure what it is, perhaps one of our regular readers can enlighten us?

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Mo said...

re: yellow stuff in fields.
It's oil seed rape. You can squash it and refine the juice to cook with or use as fuel in a diesel engine and give the remains to the farm animals.
Good for hayfever too as I've just discovered.